New School of Dresden Vocals

AuditivVokal-1190A concert called Neue Dresdner Vokalschule (New School of Dresden Vocals, following NDVS) became the trigger for the “foundation” of the NDVS: In July 2013 AUDITIVVOKAL DRESDEN and Olaf Katzer hosted a concert and workshop project for singing and composition students at the Hochschule für Musik (College for
Music) Carl Maria von Weber Dresden, working together with the esteemed soprano and contemporary vocalist Sarah Maria Sun. The sustainable achievements out of this project initiated the idea of a Dresden based “School for contemporary vocal art” that reaches out for an Ensemble Art for the 21st century. The NDVS is less a center for training or continuing education, and defines itself as a forum for a metadisciplinary
handling of singing & music, art & culture in general. This New School of Dresden Vocals will contain (vocal) musicians, (sound) artists, and (music) scientists — whoever is interested in building up the Ensemble Art for the 21st century. With the establishment of the NDVS AUDITIVVOKAL DRESDEN intends to be a burning glass and mouthpiece at the same time. In here merge the multi-facetted artistic, scientfic, and also political activities of its students and supporters.

For more information please download: information sheet new school of dresden vocals

Zusammenarbeit mit Komponisten

Mark André / Carola Bauckholt / Matthias Bauer / David Bird / William Brooks / Faidra Chafta-Douka / Gerald Eckert / Michael Edward Edgerton / Friedrich Goldmann / Carsten Hennig / Carlos G. Hernández Canales / Jörg Herchet / Hans-Joachim Hespos / Falk Joost / Georg Katzer / Pèter Köszeghy / Wilfried Krätzschmar / Peter Motzkus / Suk-Yu Na / Sarah Nemtsov / Christian Münch / Asmus Trautsch / Idin Samimi-Mofakham / Adrian Nagel / Samir Odeh-Tamimi / Helmut Oehring / Richard Röbel / Lucia Ronchetti / André Serre-Milan / Friedrich Schenker / Steffen Schleiermacher / Annette Schlünz / Amir Sphilman / Gerhard Stäbler / Susanne Stelzenbach / Siegfried Thiele / Manos Tsangaris / Gabriele Vanoni / Davor Branimir Vincze / Nicolaus Richter de Vroe / Martin Wistinghausen / Helmut Zapf sowie die Kompositionsklassen Prof. Manos Tsangaris und Prof. Mark André an der Hochschule für Musik Dresden


Interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit mit Künstlern und Wissenschaftlern

Prof. Barbara Ehnes – Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden / Marita Matzk – Tanz / Ka Dietze – Tanz / David Campesino – Filmkunst / Sutter&Schramm – Bildende Kunst / Helge Leiberg – Live-Overheadpainting / Prof.Dr. Jörn-Peter Hiekel – Musikwissenschaftler / Michael Edward Edgerton – Extended Vocal Techniques / JuWi Dance Company- Tanz / Wagner Moreira & Helena Fernandino – Tanz / Sylvia Freitag – Regisseurin / TanzNetz Dresden